Der Teufelstein am Patersberg

In Patersberg, high above the Rhine
In the fields, there lies a rock
named Devil´s rock
How did it get to this spot?
Where did it´s name come from?
This tale will tell you.

Many, many hundred years ago
The village was without a church
And that cause for big grief.
That´s why they used their busy hands
And carried stones along
And build busily.

Then came from the Hunsrück
To see what all the building is about
The devil flying
"What´s do you build there?" he asked the people
and made an over-friendly face
and presents to be supportive.

"We build a bar devil,
and we want to have fun in it
and sing, drink and get excited!"
Then he laughed with a cunning face
The divil to the people speaks
"I have to praise this projekt!"

By himself though he thinks
"Here is buissines for me.
I will help right away.
Because quite a few Schnaps and wine
And will be ready then for hell."

Now he carries stones, big and heavy,
on the wide back along
The farmers liked it.
The devil did not rest,
broathed heavily carrying the heavy load
the busiest of all workers.

So once again he came along
With an exceptionally heavy stone
Which he had brought from the Hunsrück
But while he looked the construction site from a distance,
he could´t belive his eyes,
he didn´t laugh as usually.

His face changed in anger
They had really played a trick on him.
His hope was destroyed,
Because he saw that on the walls
They build a proud tower:
That will never became a bar.

Quickly he takes the stone off his back
And throws it down on the ground
Because they had betrayed him.
He spits a poisonous stream towards the church
Rubs his back from hard work
And flies away.

But the church still stands,
where they had paced it,
ans as it was built.
Also the stone still lies on the field,
And the one who tell you this tale,
Has recently seen both of them.

Translated by Peter Koulen

Geschichten und Bilder rund um die Loreley

Loreley-Online, Stand: 03-11-2003 , Dipl. Ing. (FH) Rudolf Reckenthäler