How the Devil's Seat Came Into Being
By Sylvia Hess:
Translated by B. Johann-Servaty

Many legends revolve around the contest between God and the devil. At the Loreley rock people tell such a story, too.

When the Rhine blazed its trail in the olden times, when it dug its river bed deeper and deeper thus creating the splendid Rhine valley conforming to the wishes of God, the devil got highly alarmed. He foresaw that the valley would become so overwhelmingly beautiful that the people would praise God for it - and by no means did he want to let that happen.

Now the Rhine had already dug deep into the mountains and was paving its way with its waves between Biebernheim and Wallmenach to complete the river bed - only the rock Loreley still stood in the way. The devil realised this and tried to prevent the Rhine to break through at this place. He leant firmly against the rock with all his might pressing his backside against the steep rugged rock but in vain. The imperturbable power of the water defeated the devil as well as the rock and the Rhine valley was finished. The devil had to give up and he roared back to hell.

But the devil did leave his mark. There is a place where you can still spot traces of the devil's head, neck, back side and even his tail. Today there is a bench on the Devil's Seat inviting the weary wanderer to rest and enjoy the view.

© Sylvia Hess   Translations: B. Johann-Servaty, Contact:

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