Sylvia Hess

was born in 1952 in Freiburg, Breisgau. She studied German language and literature and political science, teaches at a professional training centre in Mainz and works as a method trainer for teachers of various school types. Sylvia Hess lives in Bettendorf. About her book she writes:

"It was love at first sight - between the Blue Land and me. On my trips and tours through the hilly landscape, the moss-grown valleys with the quietly gargling fern bordered brooks and the quiet woods with their mushroom scent I often felt like going back into the time of my childhood, I was fascinated by enchanted places with mysterious stories. So I wanted to learn more about the land, I wanted to plunge into the world of the legends and fairy tales and to revive them, to make them readable and perceivable for the people of today.


© Sylvia Hess   Translations: B. Johann-Servaty, Contact:

Geschichten und Bilder rund um die Loreley

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